Sun., Aug. 16, 1914

Sun. Aug. 16, 1914

    Well this has been a queer Sunday. Miss Ward & I got up and did the dishes and it was too late to go to church so I went to S.S. and taught my boys   they’re going to have a base ball game next Tuesday with Alice Rhodes class. Well, this P.M. I answered Monty’s letter then Ben’s  I hope I did both right. Then Russel (Rock) Williams came up and brought all his Denison College pictures and books and my they were interesting  he got me quite excited about Denison   I’m wild to go there I wonder if I will. Russel is a wonderful singer you know leads Glee Clubs, choirs, etc. And he sang and sang for me   oh how I like music. Well he stayed so long that the folks all went off to church and left me. Well he finally went and then Helen and “Pat” came and the folks came home from church and I’m madder than a wet hen and Miss Ward don’t like me so I’m going to eat worms.

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