Aug. 26 & 27, 1914

Wed. Aug. 26, 1914

    Well Diary did you think I was dead and buried? No. And I haven’t any real good excuse for not writing more regularly this summer except that so many things have happened and I’ve had such varied feelings and emotions almost every day that I just haven’t felt able to tell things as they are.  Well this morning after our late breakfast I went down town and on the way I invited Nina & Eva Jacobs up for the afternoon. Then I returned and during our long morning worship Hosmer Stone called for the Madison catalogues and invited me to play tennis this P.M. but of course I couldn’t and I like Hosmer most extremely. This P.M. only Eva could come but we went up in the Cemetary[sic] and talked and talked then read and sewed. She told me all about the wonderful story book times she had this summer as governess for some rich [Jews?] in Detroit it was so interesting  $30 a month.


Thur. Aug. 27, 1914

    I took my S.S. class out to Milham Park today  eleven of them went and they are boys way through   I wonder if I will know any of them when they grow up.  Sometimes I question how much they get out of S.S. any way. I got along pretty well with them until Paul Tubles decided he wanted to come home but I guess I settled him.

    After I returned I went up to see Esther for a while   she just got back from Michillinda. This evening I went to meeting we were having the 5th & 6th Trumpets tonight. I had to play   My I was scared.  There was quite a crowd there.

    Oh I want to go to Denison College so much. I’ve gotten two or three letters from different girls there and oh it all looks so thrilly!!  I wonder if I ever will go away to school? I wonder if I ever will go with a boy again?

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