Aug. 30 & 31, 1914

Sun. Aug. 30, 1914

Went to church & S.S.  I had the pleasure of walking up to the corner with John Pike. I am very much interested in seeing him try to get rid of Lelia Patterson. She chases after him so that its disgusting. Maby[sic] it sounds funny, diary, to write it but I know he wanted to ask to take me home tonight only I didn’t give him half a chance. I just don’t know whether I’d get into trouble by obliging him in his fix with Lelia or not.

    This P.M. Russel Williams came up, we went for a walk then he sang oh so beautifully the songs “Who Knows” and “His Lullaby”  he sings the best I believe. Then we ate pop corn & apples and he went home. I wonder why I don’t seem to care much for any of these boys. I’ve lost all interest most in Ben since he was here. Oh well hum! Bang!!


Mon. Aug. 31, 1914

Got up with a good deal of effort and caught the train for Allegan.  Burt Bownman & Frances Clark were on the train and I had dandy talk with them. It seems so good to be out here to the farm again.  Wayne is a Junior in H.S. now and just great. This P.M. Helen & Mrs. M. went to town and I took my old history book & a pillow and went to the orchard with “Fidinger”  I climbed up into the comfortablist tree I’ve ever been in and read & read 40 pages of dry History. Such fun as I had surprising the cows when they would accidentally stroll under my butternut tree. The watermelons are ripe and I can pick all I want of them.  Oh I like a farm. And I like Mr. Merchant so much.

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