Sept. 3 & 4, 1914

Thur. Sept. 3, 1914

                This morning Helen and I tried to wash our hair with a new kind of hair tonic which didn’t work and as we had poured olive oil on our heads before hand we were stunning looking individuals. Oh jolly Helen is talking such a streak that I can scarcely write. I pause to choke her. This P.M. I read some more of that History “ever present never ending.”

                The War in Europe is waging fearfully  Oh it is too horrible to contemplate. The Germans are approaching Paris at a terrible rate  I shouldn’t wonder if there would be a siege of Paris. The Russians have nearly annialated[sic] the Austrian army its reported and Oh how I hope U.S. doesn’t get into it.

Fri. Sept. 4, 1914

Extra! I did something this morning that I never did before. I drove a horse and buggy four miles all along and I neither tipped over (thought I almost did) nor killed the horse. My it was thrilling!  Wayne and I went down together and after he went up to High School   I drove home alone.  They are fixing one room so I had to go home the narrow road where it is hard in spots to pass things and I me 6 buggy’s, 5 wagons, 4 automobiles and 2 hay racks. Oh I feel like an expert  I just love horses anyway. Oh I want to live on a farm and have a horse and dog and chickens!!  Wonder if I ever will?

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