Sept. 5 & 6, 1914

Sat. Sept. 5, 1914

This morning I principally ate watermellon[sic] and answered Dorothy McCann’s letter. Then this important family affair that happened was that Wayne finally agreed to taking the new buggy and its beauty too. You see he’ll have to take his “girl” in it probably. (I’m writing on the train now and there is the cutest little boy behind me who talks incessantly, and Charlie Burdick keeps walking up and down the aisle but I won’t look up at him I detest him!!)  This P.M. I packed up and departed  I had the first ride in the new buggy plus Helen and Wayne. Well I went up to Landon’s or Padganns rather and had fine talk and supper with Phyllis and the folks  I was so interested in Florence Landon’s letters from the Hospital New York.  I would like to be a nurse too—I’m home now, the Jackson’s haven’t gone yet. Oh dear it won’t be long before mamma and papa will start for California I suppose. I wonder how Helen and I will get along rooming together anyway I’ve never had a room mate since long before Edna was married.

     Oh I dread to have the folks go away.

     My cup has come back from Grand Rapids again and this time they have my name spelled right. My it won’t be long before school begins will it?


Sun. Sept. 6, 1914

[Top half of the page is cut off]

…sit all together “free peas in a pod.” This afternoon Evelyn and Clair Weaver invited me to go auto riding with them we also took Nellie VerWert  Miss McQuiggly and a Miss Beesley  well we had a fine time  we drove out to West Lake then over to Long Lake then home. This evening I went to church.

     Oh diary diary how can I tell of my talk with Papa and mamma after church  it was so sweet and sacred yet so heart rending in thinking of them parting soon that I can’t tell of it even to you. I never saw papa so broken up  I guess I helped them a little

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