Mon., Sept. 7, 1914

Mon. Sept. 7, 1914

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Oh I can not explain or even comprehend it all yet I know that all will come out right for God loves us more than we can fathom. This morning after worship Mr. Jackson and I had a long long walk and talk together and I love him and admire him so much. Oh I mustn’t turn from God oh somehow I must prove worthy of all the blessings and advantages he has bestowed upon me.

     This P.M. a man called and Aunt Emma went to the door, and he asked for papa but as papa couldn’t come down he went back to the Rickman Hotel hoping to see papa later  it proved to be a relative of our’s  a Mr. Hartwick  a brother of Rose Hartwick Thorpe who wrote “Curfew must not ring tonight.”  I went down town and stopped at the Hotel (with Aunt Emma) to see him for a few minutes  he’s a lawyer who lives in California and he’s East visiting, then I went home and mamma & papa went down later in the evening and when they returned they brought me from Mr Hartwick a dear little book  a poem on California writen[sic] by his sister with her autograph in the front of it. Mother said he was so taken with me that he wanted me to have it. Maby[sic] you can imagine how delighted I am. I wish I might see her some day. This evening we folks sat around the grate fire and talked and ate mmellows & popcorn.

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