Henke China

Guest Curator Henke China

Carolyn Martin

A Careful Collector

“When my husband found a piece for a dollar on an antique rack at a corner grocery in Colon, I started watching out for them,” says Carolyn Martin.

Martin’s interest in Henke china began when she    inherited a few pieces from her husband’s family.  She especially enjoys those pieces, in particular the chocolate pot. “But,” she says, “I don’t really collect Henke china unless I see them for a good price.”

Once while browsing in a local area antique mall, she overheard three men discussing Henke. When she casually mentioned that she had some pieces, each of them quickly pulled out their business cards and asked if she would consider selling.  She wouldn’t.  

She keeps an eye out for bargains, but the pieces from her husband’s family are priceless to her.