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Image of two girls interacting with an exhibit on endoscopic tool training.

Open now – an all-new science exhibit and interactive space. The Innovation Gallery includes one-on-one dynamic, technology-rich exploration of four major areas:
Explore innovations in medicine and safety that help humans live longer and better lives. Find out if you have the skills to be a surgeon through an endoscopic training exercise. Try our simulated full body scanner for three different views of your bones, tissues, and more. Check out some radical new advances in prosthetics and protective gear.
See how glaciers moved across our region, creating the Great Lakes. Craft your own topography with an augmented reality sandbox. Its 3D projection allows you to create live weather effects with your hands and see how erosion and watersheds are affected with increased rainfall. Challenge your friends and family to an interactive quiz “show” as you test your knowledge of food and agriculture.  
Feeling the need for speed? Build a race car and see how your design fares against others on our new track! An interactive display on fluid dynamics explores the shape of cars, airplanes, and boats and helps you understand how this affects their speed.
Humans have been modifying sounds into music for thousands of years. Explore your inner musician in our rhythm machine room, where you can compose your masterpiece using a touchscreen and numerous mechanical instruments. Learn more about Kalamazoo’s innovations in guitars and distortion devices. 
The infusion of an innovation theme into the traditional science exhibit space reflects the growing importance and recognition of the creative spirit within scientific discoveries. The new gallery also provides a connection with scientific history and helps visitors question the future with innovation in mind.
Coming December 7: a demonstration area called the ThinkTank, and a classroom/lab space for schools and other groups.

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