Special Exhibits

Current Special Exhibits
  • 1st Floor Gallery

    Kalamazoo A – Z

    April 28 - August 26, 2018


    Dive into some of the KVM’s rarely-seen collections as the story of Kalamazoo unfolds one letter at a time. Kalamazoo A – Z features artifacts and images from the Museum's permanent collection, most of which have never been exhibited. Visitors will have a chance to explore a thought-provoking array of objects—from advertisements to Zoa Phora products. It is not often that a bassinet is exhibited next to a cash register—this emphasis on material culture presents a unique opportunity to experience Kalamazoo's history.

    Material culture refers to the physical objects that people use to define their culture. Museums often use this approach to tell stories and explore the relationship between people and the objects they create. The KVM’s original collection dates from an 1881 donation of rocks and fossil specimens accepted by the Kalamazoo Board of Education as “the beginning of a new museum.” Since then, the collections have grown to approximately 55,000 artifacts, documents, and images. Like most museums, the KVM has only a fraction of its collection on display at any given time. The goal of Kalamazoo A – Z is to bring out rarely-seen parts of the collection to demonstrate the depth and complexity of the experiences of those who have lived here.

  • 3rd Floor Gallery

    Decorative text of the title for Cats and Dogs special exhibit.
    Cats & Dogs

    May 16 - September 9, 2018


    Cats and dogs have lived alongside us for 15,000+ years, and during that time, they have had many different roles in our world. In the exhibit Cats & Dogs, we immerse ourselves in numerous entertaining and interactive elements and environments that help us to truly understand the animals that many of us lovingly share our homes with. Three different environments, IN THEIR SKIN, IN THEIR HEADS, and IN OUR SOCIETY, are designed for visitors to move through and experience what it is like be in a cat and dog's world!

    This exhibition is created by Universcience, in partnership with Musée de la Civilisation, and produced by Imagine Exhibitions Inc.