Guitar: The Instrument That Rocked The World

Entrance to the Kalamazoo Direct to You history gallery on the 2nd floor of the museum with a Checker Cab on display.
Guitar: The Instrument that Rocked the World

Guitar: The Instrument that Rocked the World

This exhibit is now closed

GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World is a touring exhibition that offers attendees an entertaining, engaging, and hands-on experience with one of the most important cultural icons in history: the guitar. The exhibition is comprised of three elements: the science of sound; the evolution, engineering, and design of the guitar; and its cultural impact. The exhibition engages visitors in an experience that is visual, tactile, and aural. GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World has it all: music, science, history, pop culture, video, education, interactives, and games.

It has an immense cool factor and is designed from the outset to attract all age groups - from individuals to families. Kids, teenagers, adults . . . every age group has its own connection to the guitar, from classic rock songs and concert memories on to film soundtracks and video games. And the guitar has no boundaries: every form of popular music features the guitar.

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To date, over 1,000,000 people have seen the exhibit, which features:
◦More than 70 guitars (acoustic, electric, historical, unusual, and antique)
◦Science of sound and music
◦Video displays
◦Hands-on interactives
◦World's largest playable guitar as certified by the Guinness Book of Records - 43.5 feet long!
◦Photos, graphics, projections, and illustrations featuring:
History and Art of Guitar Design, by noted illustrator Gerard Huerta
Guitars and Personality, with photos by Neil Zlozower
“Vintage Steel” X-rays of Historic Instruments, by Professor John Thomas
Interactive kiosks, computer displays, and sound stations
Listening environments for each musical genre (classical, jazz, blues, country, folk, and rock)