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Robot Zoo

Robot Zoo

This exhibit is now closed.

Visit The Robot Zoo in this traveling exhibit based on the book by John Kelly. Explore the biomechanics of complex animal robots to discover how real animals work. The exhibit features mechanical and programmable robotic “animals” which show the amazing mechanics of living things, called biomechanics. By comparing anatomy, environments, and size of the actual creatures to the mechanic counterparts, The Robot Zoo provides fantastic new insights and hands-on fun for discovering just how animals work.

See the inner workings of a supersized chameleon, a platypus, and a house fly. Shoot out the chameleon's spring-loaded tongue to see how it uses it to reel in a meal. Control the movement of the head, tail, and flippers of the platypus which the real animal uses to move through water searching for food. And observe the mechanical movements of a fly's wings from a fly robot with a 6-foot wingspan.

The exhibit was produced by BBH Exhibits Inc., San Antonio, Texas with support from Silican Graphics, Inc. and TIME Magazine.

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