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From Here to Timbuktu Special Exhibition

From Here to Timbuktu

This was a traveling exhibit that is now closed.

The exhibit takes visitors on a journey through three of West Africa’s geographic regions – the coastal region, the Savanna grasslands, and the Sahel bordering the Sahara Desert and leading to Timbuktu, an ancient center of learning.  It also includes a display of authentic West African artifacts from the Museum’s collection.
Children can “travel” by moped, camel, fishing boat, and over canopy walks as they move through the regions illustrated by colorful graphic panels. Along the way, they participate in explanatory hands-on activities that provide a taste of West African life. They can fish with nets like coastal fishermen, experience the sights and smells of the urban Apapa marketplace in Lagos, Nigeria, explore the rainforest, experience traditional housing and social activities such as a dance school and village beauty shop, and get creative while sifting through sand in the Sahel region. The journey ends at the City of Timbuktu, where children can learn to write their names in the native languages of Arabic and Tuareg and send a postcard detailing their “travels.”

The goal of the exhibit is to help develop understanding and regard for other cultures through discovery and exploration. The exhibit is designed to engage the minds of children 12 years old and younger.

Classroom activities and teacher resources

From Here to Timbuktu: A Journey To West Africa was created by EdVenture Children's Museum in Columbia, South Carolina, made possible by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences.