Upcoming Exhibitions

Upcoming Special Exhibits
Upcoming Special Exhibitions

Remembering Marvin Hamlisch

April 15 - May 14, 2017

Remembering Marvin Hamlisch displays 37 photographic prints, taken by photographer Len Prince, showing the life of composer Marvin Hamlish. This exhibit is on loan from the Columbus Museum of Art, and is co-hosted with the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra.

Binding Wounds

May 27 - September 2, 2017

Binding Wounds, Pushing Boundaries: African Americans in Civil War Medicine looks at the men and women who served as surgeons and nurses during the American Civil War and how they pushed the boundaries of the role of African Americans in America.

Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice

June 17 - September 17, 2017

The exhibit features three distinct sections: Land of Fire (a warm dinosaur habitat), Land of Ice (a cold dinosaur habitat), and a Field Research Station (complete with a Big Dig component). Children experience countless opportunities for showcasing critical thinking skills.

Guitar: The Instrument that Rocked the World

September 20, 2017 - January 8, 2018

GUITAR: The Instrument That Rocked The World offers attendees an entertaining, engaging, and hands-on experience with one of the most important cultural icons in history. This exhibit has it all: music, science, history, pop culture, video, interactives, and games.

Hateful Things

September 17, 2017 - January 14, 2018

Hateful Things is a traveling exhibit from the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia at Ferris State University. This exhibit contains 39 items from the late 19th century to the present day. All of the pieces, as well as several images of violence, help to illustrate the effects of the Jim Crow laws against African Americans. The exhibit is meant to examine the history of racism as well as examine present day stereotyping, and to help promote racial healing.

Golden Legacy: Original Art from 65 Years of Golden Books

January 27 - April 15, 2018


Top Secret: License to Spy

January 28 - April 29, 2018


Artifacts from A to Z: Kalamazoo Valley Museum

April 28 - August 26, 2018


Bikes: Science on Two Wheels

September 22, 2018 - January 13, 2019