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Annual List of Collection Donors

2016 Donors to the Museum Collection

Name Items

Vicki Molenaar

KVP Shelf Paper

Gerard Marsh

Kalamazoo Creamery Bottles

Vicki Frost Howard

Magic Lantern Glass Slides

T.W. Lane

16 mm Film-Upjohn Company Commercial

Susan Noble

Kalamazoo Central Commencement Program & Class Photo

Ilse Gebhard

1960s Schensul’s Cafeteria Postcard

William Maxey

Leisure Suit, Nixon & Kennedy Campaigns Buttons

Robert L. Beystrum

Korean War Era Military Dog Tag

Sharon Ferraro

Architectural Metal Element from Gilmore Building

Marilyn Foster

Schwarz’s Drive Inn Napkins, Celery Cutting Board, Airway Lanes Towel, Sutherland Paper Company Newsletters

Mary Klenow

Dresses, shoes, sunglasses, women’s hats, scanned photographs & Slides

Thomas M. Losiewski

Photograph-St. Camillus School of Nursing, 1943

Linda Bloomquist

Boy Scout Patches & Pins, Political Buttons, Radio Music Charts

Darlene Schenck

Schensul’s Cafeteria Document, 1930s

Gilbert Sanchez

Typewriter, c. 2000

Cass County Pioneer Log Cabin Museum

Superba Checker Motors Advertisement

Ken McCaslin

Kalamazoo Stove Company Newsletter, 1941, Slides of Kalamazoo Tornado Damage

Kenneth Gwaltney

TDD/TTY Telephone, c. 1984

April Mollhagen

Children’s Clothing, Nightgown, Nightcap, Eyeglasses, Doll, WWII-Era Documents

Ellen Lake

Kalamazoo Junior Civic Theatre Documents & Photos

Steven R. Schrier

Sony Watchman Portable T.V.

Waneta Dragicevich

Silver Star Roller Rink Admission Ticket, Photo, Boy Scout Memorabilia, Bicycle Ordinance Handbook

Kathy Nichols

1962 Loy Norrix Letterman’s Sweater

Catherine Ellsworth

Costume Renderings, Documents & Playbills-Kalamazoo Junior Civic Theatre

Bob Stoops

Photographs-Oakland Pharmacy Fire, 1935

William L. Dundon

Postcards, Shakespeare Company Brochures

Marie Combs


Jayne Nash Weaver

Ladies’ Library Centennial Program, Centennial Invitation, Menu, Scrapbook, Pair of Women’s Shoes

Vicksburg Museum & Historical Society

Holben Pharmacy Pocket Calendar, 1956

Rebecca Janson

Western Letterman’s Sweater, doll, bonnet, laundry bag, magazine bag, letter opener, souvenir spoon, brush

Julie Munting

Drying Rack

Tylor Westra

Photos & Documents relating to the Havens Family

Marianne Orr

GE T.V./Cassette/Radio, c. 1980s

Ray Keinzler

Slides of Gull Lake, 1965

Martha A. Terpstra

Pencil Compass, c. 1950s

Dr. Maryann Biggers

St. Camillus School of Nursing Photos & Documents, 1930s-1950s

Pam Schrock

Wool Blankets from the Netherlands, 1911

George Kohrman

Upjohn Bottles

Lindsay Baker

Clarage Fan Company Plaque

David Doss

Postcard-Harry Taylor’s Grocery Store, 1925

Lucinda Stinson

Digital Images-Willie & Lucile Stinson, North Burdick Street Grocery Store

Louis Drenth

Class Photos, St. Regis & Bryant Paper Company Newsletters, Dance Card, Yo-Yo Champion Patch

Brett Sanford

Kalamazoo Ice & Fuel Company Ice Box

Ladies’ Library Association

Box of Recipe Cards


African American Caricature Mug