History & Collections

Image of a collection of artifacts including a baby doll in a long dress; beaded necklace; child's tea pot, cup, saucer, and creamer; program from WKZO soapbox derby; and a pail
Annual List of Collection Donors

2017 Donors to the Museum Collection

Name Items

David Curl

Slides & Photos of Kalamazoo

Evelyn Holmes Photographs & Postcards, Silver Start Skating Rink, 1930s-1940s
Jim Ratliff Kalamazoo Papricloth Dish Rags & Envelopes
Melanie Mursch Michigan Bell Payphone
Nancy Baker 1922 Wedding Dress
Bill Saunders New Orpheum Dixieland Jazz Band Vest
Mary Anne Britvec Kellogg’s Company Record of Advertising Jingles

Sally Stevens

Photos of Kalamazoo, 32nd Regiment, Encampment Medals, Dolls
Jayne Nash Weaver Dibble Seed Planter
Becky Rose Columbia Hotel Mug, Gibson T-Shirt
Kathleen Mason Tonka Trucks
Chris Wright Photographs of Wrestling Event at Masonic Temple
Kari MacQueen Windon Family Photographs & Documents
John Kinch Henderson Ames Clothes Brush
Russ Schipper Child’s Harness, Photographs & Postcard
Susan Noble 1956 Soup’er Burger Trophy, 1945 Delphian Yearbook
Sharon Ferraro All-America City Bumper Sticker, Kalamazoo Ceramic Souvenir
Linda Gillentine St. Camillus School of Nursing Items, Business Card, Red Cross Pin, Girl Scout Certificate
First Baptist Church of Kalamazoo Men’s Boater Hat
Elizabeth Wolfe World War II Coast Guard Uniform & Pin
Robert & Marilyn Meints Renulife Violet Ray Generator
Dan Kamerman Decorative Gas Globe from Knollwood Tavern
Dr. Maryann Biggers KVP Documents & Photos, Albert Kirby Documents
David Slesdet World War II Mileage Ration & Stamp
Linda Pregitzer Masonic Temple Photographs
Phil Ippel & Tom Izenbaard Hoekstra Hardware Neon Sign and Hoekstra Collection
Dale Anderson Zenith Trans-Oceanic Radio, 1947
Parchment Community Library Aerial Photograph of KVP and Parchment, Lucinda Kindleberger’s Traveling Trunk
Catherine Ellsworth Funeral Carriage List, Jackson Family Photographs
Michael A. Dombos Kalamazoo Central Pennant & Bleacher Cushion, Buttons, T-Shirts & Upjohn Bottle; Kalamazoo Police Uniform Jacket & Shirt
Laura Livingstone McNelis Kalamazoo Street Signs
Joyce L. Standish Bestervelt Market Butchering Tools
David Jackson Oakwood Little Collection, Illinois Envelope Co. Items, Kalamazoo Banking Items, Dance Cards, Dance Photographs, 1949 Roosevelt School Photograph
Susanne Schipper Postcards, Echo Valley
Mike VanBuren & Linda Spearman Buggy Whip
John DeLapa Reagan/Bush Campaign Posters, Pin & V.I.P Pass
Curtis Bacon Kalamazoo Bottles
Gail Buscher Supermind Brainwave Synchronizer
Mary Jane Armstrong & Susanne L. Hess Latson & Milham Family Collection
Shari LaBrenz Eyeglasses From the Office of Dr. A.E. Edgerton
Kay Montgomery Local Matchbooks, Employee Badge
Lance Ferraro, Jr. Political Pins
Kathryn L. Quinn Fireman’s Convention Pin, 1912
Harold L. Minor Church Cookbook, Souvenir Umbrella
Ward Vanderberg Edgar A. Nye Civil War diary, Photographs & Documents
Debra Kuntzman Kalamazoo Kodiaks T-Shirt
Nathan Turner Collection of Documents, Photos and Advertisements from Kalamazoo Businesses
Deb Killarney

Aerial Photo, Downtown Kalamazoo Tornado Damage

Martha VandeLinde 1958 Mattawan High School Prom Dress
Carol J. Borton Michigan Buggy Co. Advertising Card
In Memory of Steve W. Lee & Coty J. Lee Green Top Tavern Cash Register
In Memory of Gerald “Jerry” F. Tompkins Western State High School Basketball Programs, Upjohn Material, Local Advertising Material & Carte-de-Vistes
Mary E. Trimner 1961 Civil Defense Billboard
Barry Burnside Postcard, Elk’s Temple & Majestic Theatre
Barb Havlik Womyn License Plate, Stained glass Window, Pencil Drawing, “Free To Be Me” Stitched Art Piece
A.C. Burkhalter, Jr. Checker Motor Corporation Hubcaps
John M. Barone WKMI 45 rpm Record, “Kalamazoo, My Home Town”, 1962
Historic Charlton Park Lockshore Dairy Buttermilk Bottle
Douglas Smith 45-rpm Record, The Velvelettes, 1964
Jean Brodie Palm Pilot, 1998