Gold Rush


Gold Rush!

In the spring of 1850, many more locals left for California. On three successive Fridays in March, the Gazette reported the departure of close to 50 hopeful seekers, including well-known businessmen George Winslow and Amos Brownson.

A smaller band composed of John T. Clapp, A. L. Hays, W. H. Nearpass, and Benjamin Drake Jr. also headed west with horse and wagon in March.

Clapp, having failed to find gold, returned east and published the story of his trip to the gold fields. Perhaps he hoped to recoup some of the money he had lost traveling to California.

No original copies are known to exist in Kalamazoo but the Kalamazoo Public Museum republished his journal. It provides an account of what Clapp called the “hardships and privations” of the cross-country trek.

A Journal of Travels

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Gold Rush!