Image of the planet Saturn and its rings
Public Planetarium Programs

As the centennial of the first modern planetarium draws near, advances in technology have transformed these star-theaters that help connect viewers with their place in the Universe.

Since 1959, the Kalamazoo Valley Museum has been able to share the wonders of the universe with myriad technologies from optical-mechanical systems, slide projectors, the first digital projection systems, and finally to full-dome immersive video. With each iteration of new technology that has been employed, our patrons have also been able to visualize both the night sky overhead and make connections to their natural world.

In the spirit of updating the KVM Planetarium and maintaining a quality experience for our audiences, the planetarium has recently replaced its sound system, added new LED lights, and upgraded the “star-projection” system to the latest version of Digistar. These tools combined will allow our presenters to share not only the night sky but will also immerse audiences into a variety of full-dome experiences.

Each theater seat is equipped with five-button keypad providing opportunities to interact with many of the shows. Also equipped with a Microsoft Kinect ™ interface, some visitors may be given an opportunity to take control of a segment of the show.

Ticket Purchases - Advance purchase of tickets for fee-based events can be made in person at the Museum or by phone with a credit/debit card. Call 269/373-7990 or 800/772-3370.

All tickets are $3/person. No refunds will be made on advance tickets. There is no late seating.

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