Public Planetarium Shows

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Public Programs

Ticket Purchases - Advance purchase of tickets for fee-based events can be made in person at the Museum or by phone with a credit/debit card. Call 269.373.7990 or 800.772.3370.

All tickets are $3/person.

* Non-refundable tickets may be purchased up to 1 week ahead of a scheduled event. 
* Ticket holders must present their tickets 15 minutes prior their scheduled event start time, or forfeit their seat without refund should there be a wait list for other patrons. 

There is no late seating.

Check the listing below for details. We will not be showing our regularly scheduled planetarium shows on Saturday, June 4, 2016 due to the Animotion Festival.

Current Shows

  • Family Program: Bear Tales
    Saturday at 1 pm; Sunday at 2 pm
    March 19 - June 12, 2016
    Travel away from city lights to enjoy America’s great wilderness and the magnificent dark evening spring sky. Through stories, “grizzly” puns, and natural history, learn to identify constellations as they slowly drift across the springtime sky.

  • Stargazing Program: The Artists' Sky

    Tues & Thurs at 3 p.m.; Sat at 2 p.m.
    March 19 - June 16, 2016
    As long as people have looked up into the sky, they have been inspired to create art, expressing the beauty and wonder of the world around us. Experience the stars through the expression of story, song, painting, and music. The art of Vincent Van Gogh, Gustav Holst, local artists, and many others bring the stars back down to Earth.

  • Featured Program: Invaders of Mars
    Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 3 p.m.
    March 19 - June 17, 2015
    Orbiting spacecraft from Earth gather information about great chasms, canyons, and volcanoes on Mars. Robotic landers explore the icy caps and experience the dust devils and storms that sweep across the Martian surface. Experience the story of the exploration of Mars, from its origins as the "star" Nergal shining over ancient Babylon to "canals" suggesting Martian civilization and the prospect of future human exploration.