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Friday Night Highlights

Friday Night Highlight Series

Friday Night Highlights returns in September with live music and visual art during Art Hop Fridays year-round.  As always, expect to find some of your favorite local musicians, up-and-coming bands, and some evenings with doubleheaders.  Swing by the Museum on Art Hop nights (usually the first Friday of the month) and enjoy good music, a little refreshment, and good company! 

Friday Art Hop: visual art exhibits open at 5:00 pm
Live performances begin at 6:00 pm – FREE
Music Light shows begin at 6:30 and 8:00* pm – $3


  • The Steve Pesch Band
    July 7, 2017
    6-7:30 p.m.
    The Kalamazoo Valley Museum's Friday Night Highlights Series presents a Live Music Experience featuring The Steve Pesch Band for the July Art Hop. The Steve Pesch Band is a collection of musicians from varied backgrounds playing classic rock, blues, classic country, and rockabilly with an edgy swagger. Steve Pesch performs as a solo musician/entertainer/songwriter around the West Michigan area. Based out of Kalamazoo, he brings 35 years of a guitar picking style that is purely his own. On the solo circuit since 2005, his shows range in everything from rock to country and every niche within those genres. If a show calls for one set or four, he brings a style and energy that truly means a live show. His shows are known also for guest appearances by other artists from the music scene to add to the festivities. Whether you want to Rock Steady or kick up some Country Dust on the dance floor, you'll find what you're looking for, and then some!

  • Karen and Rene Malenfant's "From Rock to Animals" Exhibition
    July 7, 2017
    5 p.m.
    The Kalamazoo Valley Museum's Friday Night Highlights Series presents a Visual Experience featuring Karen and Rene Malenfant's "From Rock to Animals" Exhibition for the April Art Hop. Michigan artist Karen Malenfant has an abundance of free "stone canvases" in her midst but is especially particular in deciding exactly which one she will use for her project. Her choice of which stones to turn into animals is not always an immediate decision and has to be inspired by her vision. Sometimes Malenfant scouts for just the right rock to create a particular creature. Mostly, however, she spots a critter in the shape, markings, and tilt of a humble stone.

  • Cold Mountain Child

    August 4, 2017
    6 p.m.
    Sunbeam Play, Folk, Psychedelic, and Indie
    Formed as an ambient-folk duo in 2008, Cold Mountain Child currently manifests as a four-piece folk band. Their songs are rooted in pastoral folk structures, offering an aural tapestry that includes traditional roots Americana, neo-soul groove, and psychedelic nature narratives. Singer-songwriter Tyler Bradley chants of ecstatic agency, tender loving, and a yearning for new realities beyond the mundane. Their live performances offer both lyrical acoustic ballads and a lush full-band vibe which adds influences from jazz, tropicalismo, and reggae.

  • Rachel McGuffin's "Figures Illuminated" Art Exhibition
    August 5, 2017
    5 p.m.
    The Kalamazoo Valley Museum's Friday Night Highlights Series presents a Visual Experience featuring Rachel McGuffin's "Figures Illuminated" Art Exhibition for the August Art Hop. Rachel McGuffin's "Figures Illuminated" is a series of ethereal portraits in acrylic, colored pencil, and gouache. Taking inspiration from illuminated manuscripts, figure drawing, and the people of daily life, she seeks to find the divinity inside us.

Music Light Shows

  • Logo for Led Zepplin music light show
    Music Light Show: Led Zeppelin
    Saturdays at 4 p.m.; Art Hop Fridays at 8 p.m.
    June 17 - September 9, 2017
    Experience many Led Zeppelin classics, including Over the Hills and Far Away, Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog, Kashmir, and Stairway to Heaven, in 5.1 surround sound set to immersive and surrealistic computer-generated effects.

  • Cover art from Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon. A ray of white light goes through a prisim and comes out a rainbow.
    Music Light Show: Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon
    Sundays at 4p.m.; Art Hop Fridays at 6:30 p.m.
    June 18 - September 10, 2017
    Pink Floyd’s progressive 8th album is put to stunning visuals that will send you to the moon. The album remained on Billboard charts for an amazing 741 weeks from 1973 until 1988, longer than any other record in history. The music you know is taken to a new level when combined with stunningly crisp laser graphics and shown on the planetarium’s dome.!