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Friday Night Highlights

Friday Night Highlight Series

Friday Night Highlights returns in September with live music and visual art during Art Hop Fridays year-round.  As always, expect to find some of your favorite local musicians, up-and-coming bands, and some evenings with doubleheaders.  Swing by the Museum on Art Hop nights (usually the first Friday of the month) and enjoy good music, a little refreshment, and good company! 

Friday Art Hop: visual art exhibits open at 5:00 pm
Live performances begin at 6:00 pm – FREE
Music Light shows begin at 6:30 and 8:00 pm – $3

  • Marlena Smith's Alphabet Medley Mixed Media Art Exhibition
    September 9, 2016
    5:00 p.m.
    Marlena Smith is a mixed media artist who is inspired by those beautiful moments in everyday life. It could come from seeing snow glistening on blades of grass or the color of the crust on freshly baked bread, a passage in a novel, or a mother braiding her daughter’s hair. She wants to inspire her students from kindergarten on to see the beauty in the world around them and to use the resources around them to create.

  • Kaitlin Rose (Soulful Empowerment Pop) and Rachel B (Folk, Americana, and Roots)
    September 9, 2016
    6 p.m.
    The Kalamazoo Valley Museum's Friday Night Highlights Series presents a Live Music Experience doubleheader featuring Kaitlin Rose of Kalamazoo and Rachel B of Traverse City for the September Art Hop.

    Kaitlin Rose has been playing guitar and writing songs since the summer of 2001 after finding her mom's Alvarez in the hallway closet. Since then, Kaitlin has recorded four full-length solo albums in various basements and attics of friends and family members, including All My Roses, Sentience, The Ideal, and Organic Travels.

    Rachel B is a singer-songwriter thriving with her self-appointed genre of soul empowerment pop, blending vivacity and uplifting melodies with hints of sass.

    I Get Wound Up on YouTube

    Rachel B Live @ Earth Day on YouTube

  • Holly Northrup's "Minimal" (Mixed Media)
    October 7, 2016
    5 p.m.
    Holly Northrup's newest body of work, Minimal, is inspired by the minimalistic clean lines of the 1930’s Modern interior design style. Minimal is meant to adorn the body and the space in which it rests when off the body. Minimal uses pops of color, geometric shapes, and negative space to make the wearer feel as though they are a work of art themselves.

  • Crawlspace Eviction (Improv Comedy)
    October 7, 2016
    6 p.m.
    Crawlspace Eviction is a group of improv performers with a sharp focus on creating interesting characters and relationships on stage, directly from audience suggestions. From the beginning, the team was determined to explore the comedy in human connection. Crawlspace Eviction has been performing since 2003, always pushing the boundaries of what a collection of talented performers can do when they don’t have a script to work from.

    CE Show at Fat 3-14-15 movie on YouTube.

  • Thunderbolt & Lightfoot (Folk) and Olivia Mainville and the Aquatic Troupe (Folk Pop)
    November 4, 2016
    6 p.m.
    Thunderbolt & Lightfoot is an indie folk duo from Kalamazoo, Michigan. Their sound draws from the rich heritage of the folk revival, earthy and original, featuring finger-style guitar and close harmony vocals. Live, the duo employs a single-mic approach to best capture the nuance and subtle interactions of their performance.

    Of her own volition, Grand Rapids-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Olivia Mainville dove headfirst into the world of music as early as the fifth grade, when she began playing viola and upright bass in orchestra class. Following her first Wheatland Festival in 2012, Mainville fell in love with the idea of performing her own songs on stage.

    Goodbye is not the End on YouTube

    Olivia Mainville & The Aquatic Troupe - Intro/Haunt You on YouTube

  • The Kalamazoo Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra
    (Holiday Classics)
    December 2, 2016
    6 p.m.
    The Kalamazoo Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra presents holiday music old and new, along with other traditional audience favorites. The KMGO is a plucked string ensemble consisting of mandolins, mandolas, mandocellos, guitars, and bass. They were founded in 2003 to revive the mandolin orchestra tradition in Kalamazoo. Under the direction of conductor Philip Rugel, the orchestra enjoys performing a wide variety of music, including classical, ethnic, and “golden era” mandolin orchestra music.

    Kalamazoo Mandolin & Guitar Orchestra plays Sky Colored Lake on YouTube