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Where in the Universe is Carmen Sandiego 1

Where in the Universe is Carmen Sandiego 1


A recruiter for the ACME Spacenet Detective Service calls on the audience to become junior detectives in the agency, whose mission is to protect all kinds of treasures from Carmen Sandiego. Carmen has recently acquired a spaceship and can take anything anywhere around the solar system.

The Chief reports Carmen’s theft of the rings of Saturn, and the mission begins. Before heading out into space, the junior detectives are briefed on the equipment aboard their spacecraft and provided with their first clue – a cool spot that looks hot.

Using the keypads built into the seats, the audience solves puzzles that will lead them to Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon. At the VILE Club on the Moon, the show stars Rockapella, who sing the Carmen Sandiego theme song. New clues lead the junior detectives to Mars, the asteroid belt, and Mercury, where Carmen offers a clue of her own – a lightning round of questions that can be answered if the audience was paying close attention.

The chase continues to Pluto, and then to a comet where Carmen attempts her final escape.

Where in the Universe is Carmen Sandiego? – I & II ™ was created, written and produced by Dr. William Gutsch under license from and in conjunction with The Learning Company.

Carmen Sandiego™, Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego®, and all related characters and names are copyrights and trademarks of Educational Properties LLC. Used with permission.

Where in the Universe is Carmen Sandiego? –I & II™ is based on the software program

Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego?™ created by Broderbund Software.